Bids Are Invited For Belt Fasteners Complete And Hook by Western Coalfields Limited

Latest Madhya Pradesh Tenders are invited by Western Coalfields Limited for purchase of Procurement Of Belt Fasteners Complete And Hook Type Belt Fasteners , Belt Fasteners Complete For R-5 , 1000Mm ( Scalloped Edged Rivet ) Details Technical Specification: Hing Type Belt Fasteners Suitable For 1000Mm Belt 6-11Mm Thick Consisting Of : A . Scalloped Edge Rivet Type Fasteners R-5 1000Mm . B . Steel Rivet For 1000Mm Belting . C . Hing Pin For R-5 1000Mm . , Hook Type Belt Fasteners With Steel Wire Holders , Galvanized , Nominal Size: 2 . 9 Per Table , Is: 12091/1987 . The Hooks In Boxes Of Each Containing 36 Comb , 11 Swg Wire , Tensile Strength Not Less Than 130 Kg/Mm Sq . Combing Equivalent To P-14 on priority basis.

The due date of this bid is 18-05-2021

estimated contract value is not available please refer to the tender document for detail.

More details are available on TDR :27766810tender 247

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