Purchase Of Medical Equipment:-Autoclave Horizontal, Hot Air Oven, Routine Water Bath, Biological Safety Cabinet Level Ii A 2 , Laminar Air Flow System - Horizontal, Microcentrifuge, Microcentrifuge ( Refrigerated ) , Refrigerated Centrifuge, Tabletop Centrifuge, Ph Meter, Vortex With Cup Head, Vortex With Platform, Water Distillation Unit ( Quartz ) , Binocular Microscope, Binocular Microscope With Camera & Ccd Attachment., Beaker Shaker, Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder, Liquid Nitrogen Transport Container, Membrane Filters- Stainless Steel Syringe Filter Holder With Filters ( Variable Sizes ) , Microwave Laboratory, Plastic Shredder, Micropipette Single Channel Variable Volume 0.2-2 Ul, Micropipette Multichannel 30-300 Ul, Electronic Pipettes Digitally Adjustable, Stepper Pipette Multichannel, Ice Flaking Machine, Balance Analytical, Balance Electronic, Biological Oxygen Demand Incubator ( Bod )

Tender Notice


Hll Lifecare Limited


Madhya Pradesh

November 27, 2017

Key Value

5.20 Crore

5.20 Crore

5.20 Crore