Supply Of Electric Material Pasan - Metal Choke, M.H. Bulb, C.F.L. Bulb, Fixture Set, Halogen Fitting, Tube Rod, Choke Copper, Bulb, Condenser, Tube Patti Set, Kitkit, Main Switch, Service Line Wire, Wire Copper, Wire Fixual - Silver, Wire Aluminium, Led Fixture, Street Light Fitting, Holder, Ceiling Fan, Cooler, Office Almira, Exust Fan, Wall Fan, Pvc Fitting Pipe, Pvc Junction Box, Inverter Battary , M.S. Nuts And Bolt, Socket, Switch, Fountain Set, Switch Board, Fountain Set, Fountain Light, Modular Switch, Elbow, Tee, Timer Switch, Led Bulb, Led Flood Light, Screw Driver Set, Tube Holder, Tester Set.

Tender Notice



Madhya Pradesh

May 17, 2017

Key Value

30 Lakhs

30 Lakhs

30 Lakhs